My name is Danny and, until recently, it was my privilege to pastor the same church for more than twenty-three years.  Incredibly, those twenty-three years comprise the totality of my ‘pastoring’ experience as my first pastorate would become the only one I would ever know!

Now I am beginning a new ministry journey.  In calling me to Associational Missions, God is opening up a whole new pool of ministry from which to learn.  Other pastors have or will share their experiences and gained insight and I will be the better minister for it.

Any spiritual or theological thoughts posted to this blog will naturally originate from this ministerial background.  In one sense, these thoughts will reflect the experience gained through a long tenure in the same church and community.  In another, they will almost certainly reflect the lack of experience that is often gained from working in different locations, among different congregations, for varying lengths of time.

Please remember, The God I love and serve and the Word He has preserved for us are both inerrant and infallible… I, and any thoughts I share, am/are not!