Author: Daniel Green

So we got the call that sets everything in motion.

My bride receives her chemo port on Wednesday and an electrocardiogram on Thursday.  One is to provide a more comfortable way to receive her treatments and the other is to make sure her heart is strong enough for what is to come.

She will be given 8 rounds of chemotherapy and if these go well, Dr. Hagans will remove as much of the cancer as he can.  Surgery will be followed by hormone treatment for the foreseeable future.  While not curable, Dr. Sneed feels her disease can be managed for ‘an extended period’.  We don’t know how long that might be as it depends on how well the cancer responds to treatment.  Hers is a less common type and does not respond as predictably as we would like.  Teresa’s assertion is that all of that is in the Lord’s hands.

My love is extraordinary in her faith towards God’s oversight and provision.  She is an inspiration to her husband who wishes for more spiritual strength than he has right now (I understand the father’s anguish in Mark 9:24 much more fully now).  “I know that whatever the Lord decides to do in this situation will be the best thing He could do for me”, she has repeatedly said.

But still, there are those things she very much wants to do in this life and it is these desires that fuel her determination to fight her cancer with all her strength.  “I want to watch my daughter walk down the aisle”.  “I want to play with my grandson and watch him grow up.”  “I want to spend time with my kids, my family, my friends”

Of course that bride of mine is never going to stop fighting this disease but that is not what defines her strength.  Most everyone would do the same.

What defines her strength is her simple assertion,  “I know that whatever the Lord decides to do in this situation will be the best thing He could do for me”.

June 20, 2017

Author: Daniel Green

Many have shared with us how touched you were when we shared the pictures and story of the shirts that were given to us at Church Camp.  My dear secretary just presented me with a video of he event which Teresa & I hope to share with you here.  I am still trying to figure out how to add new posts to a single page so hang in there with us until we get it all figured out.

If this should fail, I will upload to Facebook or Vimeo and include a link.