Have you ever wondered what role the bible actually  prescribe for the pastor?  Is he to play the under-shepherd with complete charge over the sheep?  Is he to be the equivalent of the CEO for the organization known as the church? Or perhaps he is to be the servant-leader so often held up as the example but so seldom described in any definitive way.

Some desire a strong pastor to lead the church aggressively against the gates of Hell.  Others prefer a humble pastor who is willing to lead the church wherever she decides she should go.   Still others want a pastor with a vision for the future while others want to enlighten the pastor as to what that vision should be.  And everyone wants a pastor who always tells people what they need to hear but never offends in the process.

Most especially people want a pastor like Jesus… Meek (except when He’s throwing people out of the Temple or calling them ‘vipers’ and such) Undemanding (well, except for that ‘take up your cross’ thing) Always willing to compromise for the sake of unity (except He never did!).