So, my wife has cancer.  But she also has the greatest support group on the planet!

Once again the bride of my youth is in awe at the outpouring of love and support since last we posted information the doctor had shared with us. She said, “The thought of all those prayers going up for me is not even something I can comprehend”. Then she said, “Those that bring the most comfort are the prayers for complete healing… those just give me such hope…”

We both want you to know that every prayer is precious to us and, more importantly, ‘well pleasing’ to the Lord we all love. (So don’t you dare stop!)

We received mixed news from our visit with the oncologist yesterday.  Our family and friends being who they are, we know you will want to be kept up date so you can know how to direct your prayers.  There is no way we can call or even text all of you so we will try to keep you updated here.   I will probably share a short post on Facebook from time to time with a link to this spot for those who want more info as Mrs. Teresa feels appropriate.

Dr. Sneed shared that her particular cancer is not curable. Of course, that is never what one wants to hear but that is what our Lord has given us.  (Plus one never accepts that any disease is incurable where our God is involved!)

My love meets with the surgeon next week to have a port inserted.  Chemo will begin shortly afterwards and will consist of two rounds after which Dr. Hagans will perform surgery to remove all the cancer that he can. Hormone treatment will follow for the foreseeable future.

Teresa’s cancer is of a type less common than most and does not respond as predictably as one would wish. The good news is that   treatment could hold the disease at bay for what Dr. Sneed calls ‘an extended period of time’ (maybe 7 years or longer).  The not so good news is we won’t know how well the cancer responds until it starts to respond.  So that, I pray, helps you all know how to direct your precious prayers in my brides behalf.

Gonna head down to Church Camp in a bit. Have heard God is already doing His thing during the Worship services and through the preaching and teaching of His Word. Please lift up all who minister that Word this week!

Will post more when we know more

p.s. Working with a really old computer as both of my’good ones’ are at camp so give us a day or two to get the blog updated and all typos corrected!